Caustic Etching Solution, 250 mL

Caustic Etching Solution, 250 mL
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Caustic Etching Solution is a formula recommended by ASTM Standard E 340 for macroetching aluminum. We tested it on 3003, 5052, 5085, 5456, 6061, and 6063 aluminum welds. It's effective for revealing the weld nuggets for penetration depth analysis. This formula is also listed in ASTM Standard E 407 as number 177. Made with reagent grade chemical.


User Instructions:

• Bring the sample surface to at least 600 grit finish before etching. Mirror polish the surface if possible. The finer the finish, the more details you will see.
• Heat the sample to 60 to 70°C (140 to 160 °F) with a heat gun or hot water will improve the response. But you can also use it in the room temperature.
• Immerse the sample in this solution for 5 to 15 minutes and rinse.


Nalgene® Leakproof Bottle, HDPE.

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