Caustic Etching Solution, 250 mL

Caustic Etching Solution, 250 mL
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This product is a effective general purpose macro etchant for visual inspection of aluminum weldsThis formula is listed in ASTM Standard E 340 table 1 and in E 407 as number 177. Made with ACS reagent grade chemical. 

User Instructions:

  1. Sand and polish the sample with at least 600 grit abrasive using power tools. Mirror polish the surface if possible.
  2. Heat the sample to 60 to 70°C (140 to 160 °F) with a heat gun or hot water will improve the response.
  3. Immerse the sample in this etchant for 5 to 15 minutes and rinse.


Nalgene® Leakproof Bottle, HDPE.

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