Copper Etchants

These are etchants recommended for copper alloys. The order of preference is from left to right.

Type of Copper:

Etchant to Use:

Pure copper Copper etch
Cu-Ni Acidic ferric chloride
Copper alloys, brass, bronze Copper etch or Ferric chloride etchant
Macro-etching Copper Ferric chloride etchant

Acidic Ferric Chloride

ASTM E407 formula 34. Show general structure. Immerse or swab few seconds at a time. Repeat as necessary. Pre-mixed, ready to use.

Copper Etch

 ASTM E407 formula 30, a popular general-purpose etchant for copper, brass, and bronze. It produces a nice flat etch for some copper alloys. This product has two parts. The user has to combine them before use. Use fresh.


Ferric Chloride Etchant

  A mild, general-purpose etchant for copper and brasses. Produces grain contrast. Pre-mixed, ready to use.

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