Keller’s Reagent, 500 mL

Keller’s Reagent, 500 mL
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Keller’s Reagent (AKA Keller's etch) is the most popular metallographic etchant for etching aluminum alloys, except for high silicon content aluminum. It outlines all the common constituents, and with certain aluminum alloys will reveal grain size.

This product is made with ACS reagent grade chemicals. The formula is listed in ASTM Standard E 407 as number 3 "Keller’s".


User Instruction:

Warning! This product contains a small amount of HF (hydrofluoric acid). HF is a contact poison. Please wear protective gears. Seek medical attention immediately if it gets on the skin. HF will attack glasswares, please use a plastic container to transfer this liquid.

Mirror-polish the sample before etching.

Use by immersion only to form a surface film. This may take several minutes. Wash in a stream of warm water afterward.


Nalgene® Leakproof Bottle, HDPE.



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