Prior-Austenite Grain Boundaries Etch, 500 mL

Prior-Austenite Grain Boundaries Etch, 500 mL
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This product is a saturated aqueous picric acid solution with a small amount of wetting agent. It is commonly used to reveal prior-austenite grain boundaries of martensitic or bainitic steels if phosphorus is present in the steels. This formula is a modified version of ASTM standard E 407 number 81. We use dodecylbenzene sulfonate as the wetting agent instead of the tridecylbenzene, performace is the same.


User Instructions:

The specimens must be properly prepared for metallographic studies to a very high-quality level before etching. Room temperature etching is most common but heating (up to 85°C) can make it more effective. Do not boil it. If the steel has more than 1% of chromium, add a small amount of hydrochloric acid (few drops, 0.6% to 1%) on your own. Immerse the sample for 1-60 minutes with occasional swabbing for heavier grain boundary attack. After etching, some light back-polishing with alumina slurry will remove the surface smut and improve the visibility of the grain boundaries.



  • Nalgene® Leakproof Bottle, HDPE.

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