Super Kroll’s, 90 mL

Super Kroll’s, 90 mL
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Super Kroll’s (AKA ASTM 187) is another version of Kroll's reagent. We named this product Super Kroll's because it has much higher concentrations of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid than our regular Kroll's reagent. It is corrosive and toxic, do not handle this chemical until all safety precautions have been read and understood. This product is made with ACS reagent grade chemicals. The formula is listed in ASTM Standard E 407 as number 187.

* Special order item. Due to its shorter shelf life, we only make this product upon request, please allow 1 business day to fill the order. The shelf life of this product is 2 months.

** We can't ship this product with an airplane. Ground only.

User Instruction:

Warning! This product contains HF (hydrofluoric acid). HF is a contact poison. Please wear protective gears. Seek medical attention immediately if it gets on the skin. HF will attack glasswares, please store it in the original plastic container.

Mirror polish the sample with colloidal silica for 10+ minutes before etching. Swab the sample with this etchant for 3-20 seconds.



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